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AltMind - Project


2020 -


Inventor / Founder / Developer / System Architecture / UXD

Project type :

Full stack Development - "from idea to market"

Platform / Tech :

Software / SaaS / Application / Blockchain

Industry / Market :

Logistics and Import Export Industry

Co Founder / Partners :

Samrat Kishor , Christian Warhuus

Market Launch :

Pilots Q4-2020 / (Covid19 Paused )

Patent / Legal :

Patent Pending's - All rights reserved - Trademarks - Copyrights

SpoorX is a revolutionary project that offers tamper-proof records for certification and quality control. It allows farm-to-fork tracking and lab-to-medicine cabinet tracing, ensuring that the documentation is protected and tamper-proof. The solution is based on blockchain technology, and it is patent-pending. The project has pilot projects for Halal Meat certification, import, export, and a pilot project from Hook to plate fishing industry. With SpoorX, anything can be marked, and the registration process is straightforward.

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