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AltMind - Project



Role :

Inventor / Founder / Developer / System Architecture / UXD

Project type :

Full stack Development - "from idea to market"

Platform / Tech :

Software / SaaS

Industry / Market :

Cyber Security - Industrial Independent

Co Founder / Partners :

Maninder Singh , Christian Warhuus

Market Launch:

Pilots Q3-Q4 2023 / Beta Q1-Q2 2024 / Official Q3 2024

Patent / Legal :

All rights Reserved - Copyrights - Trademarks

With more than 15 year's of experience, within Cyber Security, and a huge network of Ethical Hackers colleagues, these founders wanted to improve tools and processes related to vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

They started off with an attack surface monitoring and report system, and took it way further.
iOdin became the ultimate solution.

An AI-powered platform expertizing in threat intelligence .
Our platform empowers organizations with expert threat intelligence.
Utilizing cutting-edge technology, providing real-time insights and proactive solutions to safeguard your digital assets.

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