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Abstract Background

Dive Into the New Age of Creativity as a Service

What we do...

Creativity Design

Creativity Design, art files, Graphics, or full  Profile.
​Anything expected from a graphic artist at work.
Company or product profile or image, concept ideas visualized.

Limited to a few selections to the concept idea, and visual illustration of such.
This is where we brainstorm and visualize the concept and ideas.

Your choice, it can be anything from a full profile design process, with color and font selection to a full presentation video, Graphics, presentation, animation or prints on paper or in 3D.

Creativity Innovation

Creative idea workshop.
Go through any problems, challenges or assess ideas.

Use of creative mind set to position where you are,
and find the path toward where you want to go.

Invention often comes up during such sessions, where unique solutions creates unique new products, solutions or systems. Choose which role you want to have in this, as lead or
o be guided through the process.

Creativity Technical

Creative Technical workshop.
Just as Innovation workshop but
includes technical aspects and additional expertise.

We sit in a solid network of technical specialists within Micro electronics, Cryptology, software and hardware development.

Abstract Background

We join your team
We become your team

Our price table


Design Workshop

Innovation Workshop

Technical Workshop

Design Work

Documentation Work

Technical Design Work

Technical Work (Expert)

Entrepreneur Review session


UxD Work

IPR / Patent Work

Half-day (5h)

USD 1000



USD 600

USD 400

USD 700

Depend on Tech

USD 500

Free (1-2 hours)

USD 800

USD 500

Full-day (10h)

USD 1500

USD 1600

USD 2000

USD 1000

USD 800

USD 1000

Depend on Tech

USD 800


USD 1400

USD 850

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